January 15 through February 28

  • Schools who wish to participate identify building coordinators
  • Building Coordinators should
    • REGISTER the school as participating and identify which grade bands by February 28th
    • Arrange for $25 payment per grade band to CCIU
    • Organize a school-based committee to arrange practice to prepare students for the tournament
    • Work with the school-based committee to determine the process for identifying the two students in each age band who will compete at CCIU tournament. (Age bands are grades 4/5 and grades 6/7)
    • March 22, 3:30 pm: Building Coordinators attend web-conference training, an overview of the CCIU tournament – login 10 minutes early to be ready

February through May 18

  • Schools practice for CCIU event
  • Building Coordinator registers students identified and teacher who will serve as a proctor by May 18th.
  • Optional: hold a school-based/district-based event that mirrors the Chester County 24® Challenge Tournament
  • Building coordinators give the Photo/Video Opt-Out forms to students to take home for consideration by parents
  • April 10-May 5: Building coordinator registers proctor and students

May 31, 2018, Event Day!!

  • Building coordinator brings Photo/Video opt-out forms if necessary for their students
  • See agenda for details of the day